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Several years ago, I decided to learn about my body, to learn to love my life and to learn how to live in accordance with GOD’S PLAN. It was then that I discovered A NEW START, and once I got my health on track, I made a decision that transformed my life and the lives of others.


Michele Hill – The Functional Health Coach Consultant, will show you how you can have A New Start

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My Story of Healing

My usual routine was to wake up early and get into the gym by 6.00 am. An unusual morning I found myself on the gym floor groaning and shivering, yet covered in sweat, as I lay there alone, wondering what might be my plight.

I was rushed to the hospital, and they began to go over every detail of my medical history as they do and then my personal history, my family history, current symptoms, well-being and state of mind.

Then came the exam, where they do the routine checks, i.e. pulse, temperature, abdomen, heartbeat, B.P. and finally, reflex response test.

By this time, I was drained and crying with fear as the questions were going around in my head. Is my life over at 45? Have they found the problem? Is it cancer? How long do I have? What about my children?

All I wanted was answers. Through teary eyes, I looked up at the Dr with hope, who looked at me very seriously and said, “Ayolani, do you take drugs?” I stared at him blankly, with no words. Tears just rolled off my cheeks. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. Did he actually just ask me if I was a drug addict? I told him I was a health fanatic and that drugs were the last things on my mind.

Taking drugs? Did I look like a drug addict? Here was a hard-working single mother who was about to fly to the US the following day to meet up with a friend who had arranged a meeting for me with Michael Jordan’s designer whilst I was going to showcase my latest range first in Arizona.

The symptoms that I faced over the next year as I was rushed in and out of hospitals were, sleeping close to 13 hours a night and waking up absolutely shattered, constant stomach bloating and cramping, joint pain, extreme weakness, extreme sinus headaches, and infections, numbness and tingling, hair and nails so weak and brittle, they would split and break off from even just a simple touch. Worse still, I began to lose my eyesight.

I had to close down my successful boutique after working so hard to make a name for myself amongst the who’s who. Although a single mother with 4 children, I worked hard and managed to own my own home.

I was a Mother, a friend, an aunt, a sister and a self-respecting 45-year-old woman. I travelled to foreign countries each year for my fashion and ran some of the best fashion shows around. I had some good relationships and some bad ones, laughed and cried, learned from my mistakes, but always got back up.

I’ve never fallen into depression as many single mothers do, I’ve never had an eating disorder, I worked out everyday to stay fit and healthy, but can’t say I never took a drug in my life.

I was now at my lowest and knew I had to make some big changes in my life if I wanted to see my children grow up, marry and have my grandchildren.

I was offered just about every drug within this year, and in desperation I took them until I realised my body was starting to fail me.

On my last visit to my Dr, I told him I was getting worse and asked him why he continued to give me drugs yet obviously could see there was no change, but worse still my symptoms were worsening. I told him I had done some research and all I could come up with was chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, to which he said, “yeah you are right, it could so we will try…”

Enough trying I got up yelling, I am not a guinea pig and you are not get one more $ out of me.

I got home and searched all over the net for a natural DR and found one who I visited the next day. He asked me what I had been tested for which was MS, Lupus, Lyme Disease, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, stroke amongst many others. All of which turned out to be negative. Not to mention the numerous MRI’s, CT scans, x-rays, nerve tests and so much blood taken that I was constantly wanting to pass out.

I sat in his office and cried, and he told me DR’s just guessed, as they really don’t know themselves. They learn physiology and anatomy and spend 30 minutes on nutrition throughout their time at med school.

He suggested I spend time doing my own research, and I would do better and also save money. Thank you very much for the advice $45000 later, a year in and out of the hospital, numerous tests and the emotional stress of feeling inadequate, out of control or even like I was a drug addict of some kind.

Well, that was the end of my modelling, fashion and singing career and the start of my health career, which is when the twist comes to the question asked in the hospital “Ayolani, do you take drugs?” I have now written a book, “A Girl Without A Face”, where you will find the answer to that question…

I have since trained as a Functional health coach, which includes several modalities, and herewith I present who I am!

Michele Hill – The Functional Health Coach Consultant, will show you how you can have A New Start.

“I would love to help you improve your physical and mental health!”

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